Link's Martial Arts Jui Jitsu

This program is a ground defense system that teaches striking, control positions, rest positions and joint manipulation. Physical conditioning is emphasized. LMA Jui Jitsu is the premier art for the Mixed Martial Artist as it teaches all levels of defense from standing positions to ground positions. In a controlled environment instruction will emphasize the manipulation of joints, locks and chokes to submission. Tremendous care is taken to prevent injuries. The proficient student will acquire the ability to defend oneself in all aspects of any attack. International Sport Grappling Rules will be followed and offers opportunities for competition. A motivated student would have the ability to compete at the International Sport Grappling National Event at Walt Disney World Florida.

This is a separate rank system with a progressive curriculum. Challenge yourself to new levels that you never thought were possible.

Class Schedule
Tuesday, LMA Mayville 7:30-9:00PM
Saturday, LMA Mayville 8:00-9:30AM
Open enrollment for Adults only.

The following price structure is for LMA Jui Jitsu classes only.

Classes are sold by sessions and do not relate to rank or progression.

10 Sessions $135.00 - must be used within a 6-month period from purchase date.
20 Sessions $250.00

The prospective Jui Jitsu student must purchase and wear an LMA approved uniform. $110.00 (Double weave Judo Ghi)
Summer Uniform-Upon availability

The student will have a session card that will be signed and will track attendance as the student participates in class instruction.

The student will sign an LMA contract per session.

Contact Dan Link at 262-224-3245

Begin your journey in the Martial Arts today.  Contact Master Link at (262) 224-3245 or send us an e-mail at:  See for yourself why families strive for excellence at Link’s Martial Arts