Link’s Martial Arts Kobudo

Link’s Martial Arts, Okinawan Kobudo Program, includes training in Bo, Sai, Tonfa and Nunchaku.
The program is strong, offering the forms and techniques of world renowned, Tadashi Yamashita. But, where did this style originate? What is its history? The Martial Arts as a whole will always hold mystery for its modern day practitioners. It is extremely difficult to trace a martial arts discipline and find no discrepancies in its story. Over time practitioners, have found it beneficial to modify techniques or to “blend the arts” to better meet their needs. It is easy to see why the true origins and history of the martial arts have been altered as they pass through the countless generations of martial arts practitioners. As Martial Artists, we for the most part still follow tradition and look to the past for guidance in our journey through our modern day martial arts training. There are countless terms, commands, forms and variations in techniques. This all serves to cause controversy among martial artists of varying disciplines and even those who study the same discipline. Yet, we continue on with our training and one day we too will become a part of the history that is so difficult to unravel. Today’s martial artists have a great opportunity. They train in safe and clean facilities. They have equipment, mats and safety gear and if they have chosen their school wisely, they have an excellent instructor that teaches them to become a better person and helps them to excel and meet their goals. We have found that the well rounded proficient martial artists are the ones who have kept an open mind. They strive to meet the challenges of today by learning and applying techniques that meet their needs. The saying “ take what you need and leave the rest behind” has left its mark on the disciplines of the world. While having an open mind is important, it is also important to have a strong foundation that is based in history and tradition so the same questions arise again. Where did my style originate? What is its history? Factual documents are difficult to come by and historical tales passed down through the generations often change with each telling of the tale so it is the common thread that runs through all the sources of information that we look to and call history. Okinawan Kobudo is an ancient weapon art. It’s common thread begins in the 1600’s when the Satsuma Samurai Clan attacked and took control of Okinawa and the surrounding islands. During this time weapons were taken away and forbidden to be used by the islanders. This left the farmers and fishermen unable to defend their homes and their families. The people of Okinawa and the surrounding islands needed to protect themselves and out of this need the ancient art of Kobudo evolved. These people began to rely on their farming and fishing tools to protect themselves. They became proficient in the use of these implements as weapons.

Bo – Creates distance between opponents. Length of weapon increases power of strike.
Original use - A long stick that was used to herd cattle or carry water buckets and bundles.

Sai –It’s 3 prong design allows for the trapping of an attacking weapon with one hand, while countering with their other hand. A third Sai can be easily hidden in the clothing.
Original use - A 3 pronged tool used to dig and plant or to lift and throw.

Tonfa – Used as an extension of the arm. It’s design allows for striking and blocking with either end of the weapon. The handle allows for trapping and locking techniques to be applied.
Original use - A mill handle.

Nunchaku – A small easily concealed weapon used for it’s fast dynamic movements and devastating blows.
Original use - Used to pound grain or rice Over long years, many great masters have touched the art of Kobudo. Many incorporated their own thoughts and styles to develop the ancient art of weaponry to the many varied styles we have today.

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